Screen Printing

When you think of textile screen-printing, you should be thinking Positive Image. We have brought together a team of great skills and experience. Combining this team with the processes and machinery that we have makes for a great shop.


We have a slightly different attitude to screen-printing at Positive Image, we realise that it is a complex process that has many parts. Only when you control all of these parts can you master the process. We ensure that every screen is the same and will print perfectly once it gets to the press.
Please contact us to discuss your next project.

How much does screen printing cost?

There are three elements to screen printing costs:

  • Artwork
  • Screens
  • Printing

The file types we need to make the film work are the following: PDF, EPS or AI these must be in a vector format.

Each colour that is screen printed for each logo requires the creation of a screen.The screen printing cost is based on the number of colours, the item being screen printed and the volume.
Minimum order quantities are 28 units and no less than 20 for printed items. Unbranded items can be ordered in lesser quantities but a surcharge will apply. For branded products the following are our minimum order quantities:

Screen Printing Screen Printing
Screen Printing

Would you like a Quote?

Just email us the following details… Your artwork or text, the finished size, the product to be screen printed on and the location on the garment/product . . . then we'll quickly send you back a quote.

Sending Artwork

Sending us your digital artwork is quick, easy and helps us meet your needs faster.
To upload your artwork please click the link below, then log-in or create a positive image website account.
All information supplied is kept strictly confidential and only used by us for replying to your inquiries.
The maximum upload file size is 2 megabytes. (Call if larger).

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or issues

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